The Naked Truth-Pt.2 “Confrontation=Dialogue=Enlightenment”

After weeks of no cooperation, defiance, and foul language, I’m at my wits end! I mean, how much of a beating can one person take?  I canceled class the other day and called our case worker and property manager to sit in with us as I angrily confronted the kids. Of course they were equally upset and wanted to be heard as well, so you can imagine a room full of very stubborn people trying to have their say.  Our discussion was heated and uncomfortable to say the least, but for the first time there was dialogue and enlightenment. Imagine that.

First, the kids and I are not speaking the same language. As for me, I set very high expectations the moment I walk into a classroom and while I’ve had success with that in the past, it’s simply not going to work in this environment. My intentions to encourage them to go above and beyond is perceived as nagging and pushy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I should expect any less, but I realize that I need to meet my students where they are now. On the other hand, the kids agree they need to put forth way more effort than they have and not throw in the towel every time the road gets rough.

Second, I’m totally unaware of some internal problems happening at school. Differences in culture, religion, and life background are the source of peer pressure among my kids. With the girls in particular, there are serious behavior problems, bullying, and frequent school suspension. This of course sets off a chain reaction – they get in trouble at school – they get in trouble at home – and by the time they come to see me, I serve as their emotional punching bag.

Third, Hillary Clinton was correct — It takes a village to raise kids. The problem is who, what, and where is this village? Many of these kids lived in cars, homeless shelters, dodged bullets, escaped massacres, and fled from civil wars raiding their homeland; in short, Meadowbrook is their first real home and for many it’s only a transitional home, so where will they go from here?

Is it any wonder of the detachment and misunderstanding?

What is the meaning of community to someone who’s never been raised in one?

If disfunction is all you know, how do you function properly in society?

Are you listening??!!


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