She Taught Me Everything I Know.

She taught me everything I know.

She taught me to be kind, generous, strong, and resilient.

She taught me to be loving, nurturing, confident and assertive.

She taught me that Lena Horne was the best female vocalist, Carol Burnett was the funniest woman on television, and Princess Diana embodied poise and elegance.

She taught me to say what I mean and mean what I say.

She taught me to choose my friends wisely.

She taught me that heels make a woman look sexy.

She taught me that sometimes the answers don’t come easy, so learn to wait, because it’s enough to know that God hears me.

She taught me that sometimes I have to do it alone and every time I fall down, I must get back up.

She taught me that visiting your neighbor is still an accepted practice in today’s civilization.

She taught me that pain and trials are necessary in life because they teach compassion and humility.

She taught me that saying “Good Morning” and “Good Night” are an expression of gratitude to God’s promise for today.

She taught me that growing old is a natural part of life and if you have a good husband to grow old with, you are truly blessed.

She taught me to enjoy a margarita or two…or three.

She taught me that adding your own dialogue to a movie is annoying for the people sitting next to you but heck, do it anyway!

She taught me to dance even when there’s no music and to hum your own tune even if you can’t stay in key.

She taught me to have people over for dinner even if you don’t have enough for yourself because the fellowship will fill you up in abundance.

She taught me to stay close with God.

She taught me that if I can be on time to work, I can be on time for God.

She taught me the joys of sipping a cup of coffee in the early morning and chatting with family.

She taught me everything I know. And I still have so much to learn. So here I am,  saying “Good Night, Mom” because I know that where you are it’s always a “Good Morning.”

I miss you.


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