Introducing Melody Walker

As I listen to Gold Rush Goddess, a new album from my newest social media client, Melody Walker, I can tell you the inspiration to this post flows as easily and smoothly as her voice.

I met Melody a couple of years ago at the Northwest Folklife Festival here in Seattle. She was touring with the all female vocal group, AkaBella. A feminine powerhouse in their own right, it’s great watching Melody continue to expand her musical prowess as a solo artist.

Hailing from northern California, Melody’s globally-infused vocal stylings coupled with Jacob Groopman’s bluegrass roots from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia — create a superb amalgamation of musical energy.

Melody’s soft, but firm alto voice takes you on a transcendent journey into an ethereal existence. The track “Martinez” is a perfect example of her exquisite songwriting abilities and Jacob’s wistful, jazzy-inspired guitar playing. In addition, you’ll be blown away by her folk rendition of Blondie’s song, “Dreaming.”

I’m extremely happy to serve as Melody’s social media consultant expanding her twitter following and getting her more well deserved recognition throughout social media platforms. If you’re into Alison Krauss, Ani DiFranco, and Woody Guthrie, then I encourage you to check out this album and follow Melody on her musical adventures–indeed you will be dreaming too.

For more information please visit:

Photo by Robert Perry


6 thoughts on “Introducing Melody Walker

  1. HUMBOLDT COUNTY LOVES MELODY WALKER!!!!!! She is Fabulous! We miss her effervescent spirit, her dedication, her talent and her smile! But we are so happy that we got to watch as she became a rising star as she spreads her magic up and down the west coast and beyond!

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