Al-Mughamara is Arabic for “The Adventure.”

Inspired by our Bedouin guide Khaled, my travel partner and I, used this word to describe our adventure in Jordan. Khaled was smitten with us from the start and could tell that we shared an authentic adventurous spirit. We were also bestowed the Arabic names of Farhan, happy man and Jameela, beautiful woman at the start of our journey.

This entire Twisit Jordan contest was an adventure from the start! A world-wide Twitter contest sponsored by Queen Rania encouraging travel and cross-cultural dialogue.  It’s not everyday that you get an opportunity like that!

And so it was that fateful day — July 15, 2010 that I embarked on a magical journey. A journey not just to Jordan, but a life journey making new friends across the globe, learning about a new culture and of course, learning more about myself.

While there are still many places to visit and write about, Jordan will have a very special place in my heart. I chose to dedicate a page on my blog to commemorate this most extraordinary life happening. As a I grow older the memories will fade, but I’ll have this to remind me of what a HELLACIOUSLY AWESOME life I’ve lived!!!

It was also an assignment from the Jordan Tourism Board and Her Majesty Queen Rania to document my journey. I’m glad to have honored my commitment. 🙂

This page contains all six Twisit Jordan videos starting from the most recent to the very beginning of our adventure. They are all short 2-3 mins. videos and pretty fun!

The experience is priceless. The memories are unforgettable. The stories are inspiring.

Thank you to family, friends, celebrities and strangers who helped make this all happen. I am eternally grateful to you.

With much love and appreciation,

~ Jameela


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