Social Media For Musicians: Social Media Etiquette


Social media etiquette is something that slips many people’s minds. Why this is so, I’m not sure, but if you’re trying to expand your online presence for your band, music, or business; it’s important to remember some basic manners. Knowing this may eliminate some misunderstandings and misconceptions about social media, its purpose, use, and effectiveness.

While many of the things listed below seem common sense, somewhere in the pursuit of online freedom of speech, we’ve lost respect and a sense of direction on how to relate with one another. As a result, we harbor negative feelings about social media in general and often misuse a tool that was meant for good.

Social Media Does Not Replace Real Life Relationships.
Although the rise of the internet has changed the way we communicate today, it was never meant to replace real life interactions.

Social media is no different.

In this landscape, people gather together online to share interests and/or activities. Think of it as an online community where each person is represented by their unique profiles, bios, photos, etc. Interaction is still very present and important, or at least should be. Get to know your audience.

Respond For Goodness Sakes!
I’m always amazed at how lax some people can get on this. Gosh, some people just downright forego responding altogether.

This goes back to the first point above: social media does not replace real life relationships!

If you’re in a business and have clients and fans, why in the world would you ignore them? I’m pretty sure this isn’t something you practice in your real-life business affairs. If you fail to respond in a timely manner, you lose out. It’s as simple as that. Not only do you lose out on making new fans and clients, but you jeopardize your credibility and trustworthiness.

Manners Please…
I stand amazed at the liberty some people take in berating others, insulting them, and just being plain rude.

I mean seriously, what do you think you’ll get out of this?

I believe manners are something you learned in kindergarten and it applies to all life situations, people. No one wants an ass for a friend.

Don’t get me wrong, sharing our opinions is not a bad thing, but some people do it with a sense of entitlement, jumping in on a conversation not having built a relationship with anyone and with no regard to people’s feelings. Imagine a stranger on the street throwing insults at you without rhyme or reason and without even knowing who you are.

Manners pave the way to relationships and demonstrates to your fans that you respect and value what they have to say. Most importantly manners, or lack of them, say a lot about you. You’ll make a bigger impact after you’ve spent time letting people get to know you.

By the way if someone posts or tweets a negative comment to you, respond accordingly and respectfully. Use it as an opportunity to reassess your business tactic — of course you can’t please everybody, so just take it with a grain of salt.

Remember The “Social” In Social Media
If all you’re going to do is push your agenda and broadcast your tour dates or sell your music and nothing more then once again, you lose out.

First of all, it’s a pretty selfish thing to seek out people for the sole purpose of promoting your stuff. Is that how you make friends in your everyday life? I don’t think so.

Your fans love your music, but they also want to know what makes you tick. What else do you like to do besides make music? Have a sense of humor and social-ize. See what I did there? 😉

Share things that inspire you, say something new, share someone else’s success story, business, or music. Don’t inundate your fans with your entire album. Create teasers or pick a favorite single and tell a little bit about it. What inspired you to write that song? Ask your fans what songs they’d like to hear from you? Get them to talk about their favorite songs from other artists.

Time Is Of Essence
In the last 5 years, I’ve moved halfway across the country to various cities and states. I’ve done it all by myself too. Naturally, making new friends is hard and building lasting relationships is even harder.

It takes time.

And so in the world of social media, it takes time to build a lasting relationship with your clients and fans. It’s easy to get frustrated and in the land of instant everything, we expect to see results…NOW!

That’s not going to happen and you might as well deal with that fact. This is why it’s important to devote time to really learning the social media landscape, be creative in your posts, listen more, speak less, and engage.

What social media rules do you abide by? I’d love to hear your thoughts.