Coming Full Circle…

Hello everyone,

The final video of the Twisit Jordan Adventure series is up on my new page, Al-Mughamara. I’ve so enjoyed sharing all the special moments from that journey. I’m happy to say that I honored my commitment to the Jordan Tourism Board and Her Majesty, Queen Rania in documenting my journey.

I’ve made new lifelong friends and learned new things.

Life is beautiful!

Besides a little back-story to the Twisit Jordan Adventure, all 6 videos are posted there as well. So grab a cup of java, relax, and enjoy.

Until the next adventure…


The Twisit Jordan Adventure PT. 5 – “Wadi Rum”

With only one more video in the series to go, Nathan and Carla a.k.a Farhan and Jameela travel by truck and on camel, through the Wadi Rum desert. Regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this timeless place filled with petroglyphs and stunning views remains as one of the most amazing parts of their journey through Jordan.

Twisit Jordan adventure Pt.1 : “Amman-Old World in the 21st Century”

Well, here it is–the first video installment of the Twisit Jordan experience.

In the first part of this series, we share with you our adventure through the streets of one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world–Amman. We definitely loved the hustle and bustle of this city as well as the unique blend of traditional and modern.

I would also like to express how very honored I am to work on this project with the one I love, Nathan Olsen–who also happens to be a fabulously talented musician and the composer of this series. We’ve had quite a journey both professionally and personally, so this is a special project that remains close to our hearts.

We hope you enjoy the video and we hope it encourages you to travel to Jordan in the near future!

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‘Til next time! ~Carla

Introducing Ahmad Sharar

So here we are, just a couple of weeks away from an extraordinary adventure and experience of a lifetime—Twisit Jordan. It’s exciting to travel to far and distant lands, see the sights and meet new people, but this trip is not a vacation.  It’s about listening, thinking, and developing a deeper understanding about the world we live in and return a more learned person ready to share the experience.

That’s why I think it’s a great time to introduce you to Ahmad Sharar, the Jordanian winner with whom I’ll be swapping places. A twenty year-old electronic engineering student at Yarmouk University, Ahmad has never traveled outside of the Middle East and is very excited to visit America or as he’s been told, “The land of chances.”

Like most travelers, Ahmad wants to explore Seattle culture, taste the food, and experience the nightlife. A Sunni Muslim, he also wants to visit churches and learn more about religion here in the states. What I find most inspiring is his eagerness to let the people of Seattle know, as well as the rest of the world, that Jordanians are similar to Americans. They take pride in their language, history, religions, traditions and life choices. They are also very technologically progressive people, case in point, Waterloo graduate and Twitvid cofounder, Mohammad Al Adham.

As Ahmad explains, “I wish people from all over the world would respect each other because we are all human. Forget the differences and focus on the feelings, love, and trust!”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Ahmad’s Seattle adventure will be quite an experience.  As a young adult, he’s still learning so much about the world. “I don’t know how to deal with life difficulties,” he states, “experiencing something new in life, such as living for a week in the USA, would help me a lot and give me new ideas.”

From what little I know about Ahmad, I can tell he possesses a good heart and is open to new adventures. I’m excited to meet him and his family and make a new friend in yet another part of the world. I’m even more excited to show Ahmad the best of the U.S.

Ahmad, the United States of America and Seattle welcome you! Marhaba!


Favorite food: salad
Favorite color: aqua blue
Favorite Western singers: Melody Gardot, Dream Theater, and Christina Aguilera
Favorite Middle Eastern singers: Nancy Ajram and Wael Jassar
Hobbies: playing the piano and electric guitar
Life Dream: owner of an engineering company

Jordan Here We Come! The Adventures of Two Best Friends.

It’s with great honor and joy to announce the person who will accompany me to Jordan next month.

This person is a fellow educator, musician, writer, and most importantly– my best friend.  We’ve seen each other through thick and thin supporting and encouraging each other every step of the way. This person is also a traveler, avid backpacker, adventurer, and a dark chocolate lover!

What can I say? We’re twins! 😉

After our recent 12 mile hike to the Kendall Katwalk, we are looking forward to traveling to Jordan together –learn about the people, culture, education, and of course… learn more about each other.

We are indeed excited and thankful to God that He is giving us this opportunity to experience this grand adventure together.

We hope that you will follow us in our adventure as we will be posting updates on twitter, facebook, etc.

With much love and appreciation,

Carla and Nathan